Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Maths, bombs & Queen Victoria

Today started early, too early for my liking with Ruben awake at 5.30am and in our bed. This is quite rare really as apart from when I was breastfeeding all four of my children have slept in their own beds, even when they have been unwell. So it was a difficult nights sleep being stuck in the middle of the bed and not great for my poor back! Still, it meant the rarest morning ever when Ruben woke at 7.45!

After he had eaten cereal he came back upstairs and climbed in my bed ready with this book
Product Detailsand a pencil. He really enjoys this book and happily does the sums by himself but he does like me to mark them for him and put a smiley face if he gets them right.

I paid for membership for all four children to IXL.maths today, I've been meaning to do it since before Christmas but I doubt we'd have used it before then. Now we seem to be filling the after Christmas void/January blues so seems like a good idea. They all had 30-50 minutes on it today.

Then we watched the BBC's Queen Victoria's Children, episode 1- Best Laid Plans LINK HERE:


It was interesting viewing to say the least. Her views on breastfeeding and bringing up children were ...erm...eye opening! Piper loves everything Victorian so happily filled us all in and any other bits we wanted to know, that girl is full of knowledgeable Victorian history!

Cordelia had a go at making a bath bomb. She hasn't bothered for a while so it was nice to see her using it again.

Ended up taking Ruben to the shops as he was going a little stir crazy indoors, actually we both were. Roll on Spring.

Awww a photo of Bailey and he's smiling! How lovely :) Makes me smile

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