Sunday, 13 January 2013

Helmsdeep & potentially knee deep in snow?

Never has snow been so anticipated! The children have been looking out of the window since they got up this morning and waiting. We had a slight sprinkling last night and about a centimetre at tea time but we're still waiting....

I've already managed to find the sledge out and I'm so hoping we get to use it this week because we have some fab hills in our new village!! The temperature has definitely dropped so fingers crossed its a white start tomorrow...

Whilst waiting for snow we popped out to the garden centre and Piper spent some of her birthday money on some Top Model pencils. Yesterday she bought herself some Monster High headphones for her iPod and an LPS carry case from Toys R Us. We managed to pick a few Christmas things up in the sale too-including replacing my Father Christmas that hubby broke last year! I originally paid £12 for him but picked him up today for just £3! What a bargain! I also managed to find this gorgeous gingerbread heart for my dresser-I love gingerbread men they make me very happy.

When we got home the lego came out, the younger three got the Helmsdeep lord of the Rings lego set for Christmas and Ruben got the Uruk-Hai Army too which fits onto the side making it bigger. They have spent hours playing with it. Lego has been a firm favourite in our house for so many years now that I can't really imagine a Christmas Day without it! It used to be Bailey and he still sat and built some with the girls and Ruben over Christmas which was nice. He even re-built a few of his Star Wars lego ships, so it shows your really never to old for Lego!


  1. lego is a must for Christmas! Christmas without lego would be like Christmas without a turkey! We keep checking for the snow here too. forecast for midnight and then through to lunch time tomorrow.... come on snow!!!

    1. I agree Pip! I really don't know what we'll do when they don't want it anymore :( although think that's quite a few years away yet!
      Fingers crossed for the snow :D