Monday, 7 January 2013

Happy Belated Birthday Mr Tolkien!! New Year New Books!!

Continuing on from our Hobbit reading (we haven't got very far due to all the recent illness and my having no voice for quite a while) but we have resumed the Hobbit today and hope to finish it before the next instalment of the film ;) J R R Tolkien would have celebrated his 121st birthday last week. We meant to have a whole Tolkien day but didn't get around to it with one thing and another so to make up for it...
Today I have purchased

Product Details and      Product Detailson the kindle as they would have taken ages to arrive. Obviously we are not the only ones "striking whilst the iron is hot!" and I've also ordered:
Product Details and    Product Details

They should be here in the next week so we have plenty of reading material to be getting on with! As I purchased the two books on the kindle I noticed they had this book too
Product Detailsfor a very meagre 20 pence! There really isn't much you can buy for only 20 pence especially a new book. The children all like the look of this film so I'm hoping we enjoy reading the book too.

Jacqueline Wilson book's seem like a very, very far away distant memory.......and I'm not complaining....


  1. Love the new look blog, for all things Tolkien-y have also resurrected themselves in this household. x

  2. Thank you Melanie! I was ready fro a bit of a change :D X