Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Goodbye Vina Cooke!

Heard some very sad news today-Vina Cooke (Doll Museum Cromwell) passed away it was actually in 2011, which was the same year we met her but we only found out today. You can read about our visit there in this blog post which is from May 2011. Piper had such an amazing day and Vina Cooke really took a shine to Piper. Reading this newspaper article we found out today that she used to go to a market stall in Newark called "Piper's Bazaar"!!!! And that's where she collecting strange as Piper is just not a name you come across everyday and given that Vina was in her 70's that would have been some time ago. Small world.

If you google Vina Cooke, this photo of the girls with her comes up. I remember taking them with my mother in law and it was such a strange place, she was a very talented woman. The house (a beautiful old rectory) was literally jam-packed with dolls, prams, dolls, clothes, dolls, dolls, dolls. I remember asking if I could take her photo with the girls, I said "Can I please take a photo of the girls with you because your famous to them?" and she looked at me and said "Well I am famous dear" it really made me smile and stifle a laugh.. Especially when she had to check the photo on the camera to make sure she looked "ok". Very funny lady.

Sad to hear that all her dolls have been auctioned off, wish we had known as Piper and my mother in law would have loved to have gone to see/buy. She had some truly amazing collections not just of dolls but vintage clothes, vintage wedding dresses, silver cross prams...all sorts of things she was a real collector! And she handmade lots of dolls too, including lots of Princess Diana and Prince William when he was a baby.

Goodbye Vina Cooke and thank you for taking time to tell my eldest daughter "You will go far Piper I can see it"

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  1. Oh no. how sad :(
    I really wished we'd visited the museum, seen the sign so many times. I wonder if it's still running?