Sunday, 13 January 2013

Friends, friends, friends!!

We had a really quiet week up until Thursday when we saw friends we hadn't seen for a while (pre house move & Christmas!). It was lovely to see them and so lovely to have some adult company (no offence hubby!), Ruben had so much fun playing with D and his little brother-who is very handy with a light sabre! They played transformers, Pokemon, monsters & lots of nerf gun/light sabre fights. It's really great for Ruben as he has so much "boy" energy and his sisters don't tend to appreciate it too much :-/ if Bailey gets involved it nearly always ends in tears as he doesn't always realise how much bigger he is to Ruben these days!

I think January is so hard because you don't get out and see people/places as much, especially as we were very social in December it comes as a bit of a shock. Ruben and I both need to either be out or socialising or we go a bit stir crazy indoors. So it was lovely when our Friday group friends came over the next day too!

The girls and their friends C & M played a huge game of Littlest Pet Shop and Playmobil. Ruben and his BFF Ruben played monsters and talked about "Spore". Before they all joined forces for another hunger games war. They were lucky that the weather was mild enough to take their war outside with nerf guns etc but they only lasted about 20 minutes before piling in for snacks and a warm up!

Ruben was delighted when his Spore game arrived in the post. An eBay purchase that he used the rest of his Christmas money on. His BFF is very knowledgable on the game so has given him lots of help and tips. It's based on monsters from what I can gather and that kind of thing has always appealed to Ruben-I feel another obsession coming on for him......!

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