Thursday, 17 January 2013

Busy days and Poor Miranda!

As I went up to bed last night I found this gorgeous picture Cordelia had drawn me! She's so good at drawing especially horses, she'd left it on my pillow. Something she's doing regularly at the moment :-D
Yesterday we had to have the car breakdown company to the house because our family car wouldn't start, I have to admit to neglecting "Miranda" (as she's very affectionately known because her on board sat nav sounds just like Miranda Hart!) since hubby has a smaller company car it's easier to nip out in that than Miranda. So because its been SO cold and she's not been out her battery was dead, thankfully we have home start so they got her started and we took her for a run out. The girls and Ruben had a lovely afternoon at my mother in laws so it was very quiet here with just myself, Bailey on his Xbox and hubby in his office.
We're still continuing our daily maths practice with IXL and it seems to be going well.
Today I've been to see my BFF for a catch up, all by myself-benefits to hubby working from home! This afternoon Cordelia and I visited my friend Louise and her gorgeous baby JJ, feeling very broody now ;-) and had a lovely afternoon.

On the way home we popped into the supermarket, snow was starting to fall and the supermarket was busy, hardly anything left on the bread aisle but managed to get enough food to last us a few days, no mean feat for 6 humans, 3 cats and a tubby dog!!

Thinking tomorrow's Friday group may be off as the 5 day forecast is snow, snow and a bit more snow....since our road is already covered tomorrow is looking like a sledging kinda day....

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