Friday, 18 January 2013

Biscuits, a new Tolkien book & more snow

Snow has stopped play here today! With heavy snow forecast for the next 3/4 days it seemed a bit silly to get stranded somewhere for the sake of Friday group. So we sadly made the decision to have a home day. Cordelia continued her plan of biscuit making and we very kindly helped her eat them!

Today we have done IXL, played Spore, turned Littlest Pet Shop into Lord of the Rings characters, drawn in the Top Model books, got back into Pokemon on the DS and in figures (oh goody more figures laid all over the carpet), had a very quick snowball fight outside (too cold to stay out for long) and I read Ruben his new book which arrived today "Bilbo's Last Song". It's a lovely book and a lovely poem all tied in nicely with beautiful illustrations. Perfect for younger Tolkien fans :-)

Its looking like a weekend of board games, sky movies & baking plus a sledging opportunity or two as this snow seems like its here to stay for a bit....

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  1. sounds great :) love boardgames, baking and tolkein :)