Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Artificial blood!

Ruben has very recently been showing a great interest in science, it kind of comes and goes with the children to be honest but I feel quite comfortable with that and quite like the cycles of science we do! He has wanted to try some experiments and I'm in the middle of putting some things for him together that will interest him. But as always he wanted something immediate to hand (it would be great sometime if the children could give me a few days notice when taking on a new topic-but where would the fun in that be exactly??) luckily I had these Science Museum kits that I bought when we first began home 2008...!!! some we have used before now but some were also quite disappointing. This kit however captured both Ruben and Cordelia's imagination, I'm sure its nothing to do with my youngest daughter's love of vampires either :-/

I'd love to say that I knew exactly what they did but I was in the middle of something and when I turned around they had already made the artificial blood and were decorating Cordelia's hand with it! She left it there all day too....

Despite missing what exactly what they did I was more impressed and extremely pleased that they were actually doing something together! Cordelia and Ruben have always been very close and he adores her but Cordelia gets on so well with Piper that it can sometimes be hard for Ruben to get a look in with his sisters and he finds that very difficult. But this managed to untite them even if it was only for 15 minutes....

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