Monday, 14 January 2013

And the snow finally came!

Bless my youngest three-they were so excited to see snow when they woke up this morning. It wasn't very much at all though, it started snowing much more heavily at around 11am and when it stopped after lunch they fuelled up on hot soup and piled on hats and scarves and gloves and wellies and ventured outside!

Usually this lasts about 5 minutes before they get cold/bored/snowballed and come back in but not today! Today they stayed out for a good 30-40 minutes. Ruben just ran around throwing snow at everyone and anything-especially moi! And the girls built themselves a snowman. Before I could get a picture though he toppled over :-( so they moved what was left of him onto flatter ground a built him again. This time Cordelia said he was a Hobbit snowman because he was much smaller! Then the girls chatted about what Hobbits would build out of snow......

Cordelia took this picture of her deer enjoying the snow.

Back inside, gloves, hats & scarves on radiators and hot chocolates with squirty cream drank. Cordelia made a lord of the rings scene with the Lego and even made blood out of paper.

Then we had a visit from friends where the girls made snowflakes and lots of horse drawings & tickle fights with R were played. Before pizzas for tea and a much quieter evening planning an exciting trip next week......

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  1. oh you lucky things... getting all that snow. we got enough for snowballs and for me to take some inside to make mini snowmen with the toddlers in the kitchen and enjoy a snow sensory tray... but not enough for a snow day :-( Looks like you all had a great time though!!