Friday, 14 December 2012

The Deep..just keep swimming..

For Ruben's birthday he really wanted a trip to the Deep Aquarium in Hull. We invited his BFF along too so it really was the perfect day for him. As Ruben and his BFF have plans for an AquaZoo when they grow up it was important they researched their subject! Arriving at the aquarium and having their photo taken outside:
They were all so well behaved but we did get a few looks having 5 children in term time too! The first tank we saw had lots of different fish in it, the children spotted Rays and tried waving at them like the ones we saw earlier in the year in Hastings. After a while it did seem that they were waving back which pleased Ruben immensely.
As Rubens BFF loves aquariums he was a fantastic guide for us and I'm so glad he came because he really made my four slow down and pay more attention to things that they might have otherwise missed! Plus he was great at knowing which parts of the aquarium we missed out and took us back to show us. My favourite was finding out that Parrot fish wrap themselves in a bag of snot to protect themselves from predators whilst they sleep!! Insightful and gross all at the same time lol!
One of the biggest attractions in the Deep is the glass lift, think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's great glass elevator but with fish....sawfish to be precise! They kept swimming past the kids in the lift. Was very cool to watch them having a scratch on the bottom of the water/seabed. As it was a week day and it was quiet we managed to just sit in the lift and watch for quite a while, normally there's a huge queue!
We went up to the cafe and the kids chose chocolate ice creams. The view was fantastic from the observatory and it was such a beautiful, clear day. It was so quiet when you stood on the veranda and we could see the Humber Bridge in the distance.
Back home with five happy children and A visit from friends making 6 happy kids for birthday cake. A visit from Grandparents and some lovely new boxes of Lord of the Rings Lego making a lovely end to the day. Ruben said it was his bestest birthday EVER :-DD

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  1. We live just near The Deep and go a lot. It's a fab place and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Those rays are ace. And it's so much better being able to go during the week when you don't have to fight people to see everything. Fab pics.