Friday, 7 December 2012

Ruben is 9!!!

I'm not sure how it happened but my youngest child and youngest son turned 9. Their all growing up so quickly, if I blinked I think I'd miss it all. I'm so fortunate to be able to home educate them because it means that I rarely miss as much as a nano second of them. It's a tough job being a stay at home mum but I'm so glad that I have been and that I've been able to share in all of the children's first experiences.

Ruben decided he wanted a visit to The Deep in Hull for his actual birthday this year, no party BUT he did insist on a homemade cake. Even when I suggested (which must be an absolute first for me ever!) that we "bought" a cake from Asda, as they had a lovely Moshi Monster one in! But Ruben said "but I don't like bought cake mummy, I want YOU to make it!" How could I argue with that? It had been a really tough week with a house move the day after Rubens birthday, hubby had been away for 3 nights too the same week so I was all by myself with SO much to do. I managed though as I always do without any help. Making the cake the day before was actually quite good as for the first time in ages all I had to think about was baking a cake. Nothing else. I find baking quite relaxing and it must have been because unusually I didn't have a single hiccup during the baking of the cake. Maybe it was good karma. I think I really needed some! Although I wanted to make something much more complicated I talked myself out of it and went for "Oddie" the donut shaped moshling. Glad I did. Ruben loved it and was a very happy boy! He had a Moshi Monster birthday with lots of Moshi gifts and some new Lord of the Rings Lego from his grandparents. He also bought himself a "Mr Snoodle" cuddly toy and some Hobbit lego with his birthday money. He's a very lucky boy!!

Ruben is such a happy, kind, intelligent and energetic boy. He is always snuggling up to me on the sofa and in bed first thing in the morning. He's a lovely little brother and would happily play all day with his sisters were he allowed too. We love him so much. Happy Birthday Bubs xxxx

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