Monday, 31 December 2012

New Years Eve 2012

Another quiet day for all of us, I think we have needed the quiet this Christmas after a very busy month and lots of illness. Its been very much a pj Christmas (SO glad I bought us all new Christmas pj's!!) We've really chilled out, played lots of games, talked and watched a lot of films. 

New Years Eve was no different, hubby was working for most of the day so we had a quiet day in. Ruben built his new Lego Hobbit game the night before so it was ready to play, he was quite worn out as you can see:

But throughly enjoyed playing it with Daddy and Cordelia!

Cordelia and I baked some mini choclate tarts for our little NYE buffet, the children don't normally stay up but they really wanted to this year.

She helped me make sweet, shortcrust pastry and then roll and cut out the tart shapes. 

Whilst they were cooking in the oven she broke up the milk and dark chocolate pieces

Then she heated up the double cream

Before melting in the chocolate pieces making a delicious ganache filling for our tarts

I completely forgot to take photos as they were eaten so quickly-its going to happen in a house with 6 people!
We watched two movie's "The Adventures of TinTin"-which was rather brilliant and very funny and the kids favourite at the moment "The Muppets" (despite watching it twice the day before!). We had a great game of Monopoly Millionaire and were just in time to see the fireworks in London on the television before we all flopped. Well it has been a busy year and I'm anticipating a big year for 2013.