Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve & The Hobbit

Hubby was still working on Christmas Eve so we had a relatively quiet day, my brother came and stayed over so he was here too. Its nice really, as he is only 20 months older than Bailey so they get on very well and had a good time playing Xbox! We had a visit from Piper's Godfather and his daughter lovely little Rose. By the time I had took my brother back home it was time for a very quick tea and straight out to the cinema for, what was quite possibly the most anticipated film of the year-THE HOBBIT!! We had all been looking forwards to it for ages, especially given how completely into Lord of the Rings they all are at the moment!

It didn't disappoint at all, I sat with the boys and hubby sat with the girls as it was so busy, its the first time we have ever gone to the cinema Christmas Eve. When the children were all small they were usually in bed early as we have four early risers who all need their sleep and sitting through a long film on Christmas Eve would have been like torture! But they all sat very happily through the Hobbit and it was so action packed that they didn't have a second to get bored. Ruben was so enthusiastic throughout the film and it really made me laugh-he watched it like only a 9 year old boy could-behind his hands, cheering with arms in the air, using his arms to run through the fast bits and laughing his head off at the funny bits. I think I'm appreciating this behaviour more and more now the older three seem to be losing their excited-ness and are more calm and casual about things. Its the strange things you take for granted with children, things you take for granted and only notice them when there gone like how excited they used to be about everything that they'd find it hard to contain. Bailey has been like it for a while now, then Piper and so very closely followed by Cordelia. I think the closeness of the girls has meant that Cordelia has matured along with Piper which is nice to see but every now and again she gets all silly and I see she is only 10! (well ever so nearly 11)

The film ended at a great point for Ruben and I as its just about where we are up to in the Hobbit book. When we got home we started reading this book:

I bought it early on in December but to be honest we have been too busy/too unwell to sit and enjoy it. It made the perfect bed time reading on Christmas Eve and even the girls enjoyed listening to it. Before bed we left Father Christmas a chocolate milkshake, choc chip cookie and a carrot for Cupid on the hallway table under the little Christmas tree and we also sprinkled some reindeer food that we bought from a craft fair in Buxton, just for good measure and to keep those reindeer's flying! They have a lot of work to do after all..


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  1. It's such a lovely book, I used to read it to mine when they were smaller. What a lovely childhood it must have been for Tolkien's children to have such beautiful communications with the man in the red suit. x