Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Lego, Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit

Lego is always a  firm favourite in this house, it has been since Bailey was a baby and got his first tub of Lego Duplo, we have gone through quite a lot of the different collections over the years, mainly Star Wars, we he collected in a way only a child with Asperger's can ;-) His love of the plastic brick has been passed down to both sisters and his younger brother. Really they are rather lucky that Bailey has moved on to Warhammer and Xbox and passed over his extensive Lego collection on to them. It now sits loaded into two huge green ikea canvas boxes and several so-called smaller (but seem just as big) tubs in our living room. Great for the kids but a little awkward for hubby and I when we are trying to get from one end of the living room to another without the piercing agony of standing on one of the plastic bricks! Plus there's the sieving of the hoover contents, the knowing kick of an "important" brick being kicked under the sofa, tv cabinet etc! Somedays its a wonder we don't end up ingesting the bricks with our food as they seem to seep into every room in our house....I'm really not complaining though, (even though it may sound like it) because I love the way Lego brings all four of my completely-different-character-children together. It really doesn't matter whether you are a boy or girl, 8, 10, 11, 14, or even 32 you are welcome to pick up and build away where Lego is concerned. I really don't think there is a much better toy for children. I love the imagination it brings with it, even if it is a bought set and its built into that set I love how it can be broken completely down and built into something totally new, its so incredibly versatile!! With the run up to Ruben's birthday in a mere 10 days, Lego has been on our minds, in particular the Lord of the Rings sets. Thanks to The Sun and their free Lego offer recently we are lucky enough to already have a Frodo mini figure but not content with that Ruben and Cordelia have today built a Gandalf and Samwise figure. This morning started with the first Lord of The Rings film, one that has been watched many, many times in this house as hubby and I are big fans, today though was the first time Ruben had really paid an interest in the film. And he loved it. So after watching Fellowship of the Ring we chatted quite a lot about our favourite characters and parts of the film. Ruben and Bailey drew pictures of their very own "demons" before we all had a little go at drawing our own fantasy maps.
 Above, Ruben's "DEVAINO" monster/demon and Below Bailey's demon/monsters "Harleyquins" think they are actually Warhammer related but I think that its an ace drawing!

Piper's fantasy map of "The Schrowingding Lands", I like the "Ving-Wing-Ding Village"
 Cordelia's map of "The Land Calona", especaillly like the idea of the "River of Magic"
 And finally, Bailey's map of an unnamed land-loving the "Floating mountains of magic 'n' stuff"
There not finished yet because they wanted to paint tea bag over the top, but I have packed the paint brushes in my super efficient-ness! (well it is only 11 days till we move).

 Lord of the Rings Gandalf and Legolass, Frodo and Samwise off on adventure....

 I then started reading The Hobbit to the younger three, Bailey has already read it as have I and hubby too. I read aloud daily to Ruben but not to the girls now as they are usually off reading to themselves. It was really good to read to the three of them and they are now totally embracing the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. We have plans to see the new Hobbit film over the Christmas period when it comes out here and thankfully Ruben has put Lego Lord of the Rings on his birthday list so hopefully soon "Gandalf" won't have to put up with a white-tack beard for too much longer.....


  1. Wish we lived nearer to you Zoe - I reckon our families would get along fabulously! X

    1. Me too Paula!! I think our kids would have tons in common & I would love to have a big chat with you about your writing, travelling, being a doula...the list goes on! Xx