Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Catch ups

Slowly but surely the cold, dark autumnal weather is kicking in and we are finding ourselves more tempted to have in days rather than out days. We've had quite a good year for visits this year and I really must have a look at how much we have seen and done so far in 2012. It would be very easy to shut the door, stick the fire on and spend a good amount of the day watching Christmas DVD's but I'm really, really trying to keep that as late as possible. Ruben has so much energy and really needs to be outdoors or doing something to occupy him and burn his energy, Cordelia is like me and can only cope with a day or two in the house before she starts climbing the walls. Piper and Bailey are real homebodies and could easily go days without stepping outside, both love curling up on a sofa/bed/chair and reading books, browsing on the internet etc-in fact they can very easily wile a way an entire day reading and only coming downstairs for food. Is this because Bailey is a teenager and Piper a tween (only 13 months away from being a real teenager!)? Or is it just more their personality-pretty sure its the latter actually. Bailey has never been one for cold or being outdoor-sy and neither has Piper, both very laid back children and completely different to the younger two who love being outside in any weather.

 This last week we have spent a few afternoons like this:

 Curled up on the sofa with our youngest cat Coco, or Bibby as he is affectionately known, because of his white "bib" like marking around his neck.
 Cordelia entered a competition for the RSPB magazine, Owls are her absolute favourite and I think her tawny owl painting is beautiful, she takes after her Daddy for painting.
We've also fitted in a Friday group walk to our favourite reservoir, Linacre. The children found this sturdy looking branch that they could clamber on and sat chatting away over the water and sharing sweets with their BFF's. Even Tallulah (our rescued Jack Russell) had a good walk and made friends with BFF's Labrador Marv. The scenery, as always was spectacular and even though it was quite cold and I was in a lot of back pain it was well worth pushing myself out for! Here we are already in November and nearly at two birthdays, our 13th wedding anniversary, Christmas oh and A HOUSE MOVE!! That is A LOT to fit in with only 54 days remaining of 2012-still I love a bit of chaos...who doesn't?!


  1. Hi Zoe, I'm finally getting around to checking out some of the other HE blogs in the ring and came across yours. So many great posts that display home education to the doubting world so wonderfully. Well done! Enjoy your home education and all the best. x x

    1. Hi Ross, thank you very much for stopping by on our little blog! Katie recently gave me the link to your blog and I have being very much enjoying reading it!
      The ring has been great in introducing me to lots of new blogs recently!
      Thanks again
      Zoe xx