Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Hubby had to travel down to Cambridge for work so we tagged along to have a much needed break from packing and cleaning the house (I say "us" I mean me, the kids seem to disappear at the mere mention/suggestion of sorting or packing or cleaning of any kind!). Unfortunately the weather was very very grim-never the mind we still had a nice day. As I hate taking our family car into town centres to park I decided too try the park and ride, it was much cheaper than car paring in the town centre and the kids really enjoyed sitting at the top of a double decker, simple pleasures :-) It all went far too smoothly, I parked easy, the bus came straight away and we were in the centre of Cambridge in 12 minutes! I had looked on the map and managed to work out where two of the museums the kids wanted to visit were. First up was the Sedgewick Museum of Earth Sciences. There were students outside offering free hot drinks so Cordelia and Ruben had a lovely hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream :-D. Inside and I think this was my favourite museum! It had a real oldy worldy feel to it and reminded me of museums when I was little. Not sure that is great for my own children who seem to much prefer the open planned, light airy, hands on museums in comparison to rows and rows of stuff behind cabinets. I really enjoyed looking around the Darwin section and since we saw "An Adventure with Scientists.." earlier in the year (not the best way to learn about Darwin I know but hey ho we are all about the strewing anywhere and everywhere here!). His collection is truly EPIC, and its quite impossible not to be impressed by it. I really loved the plesiosaur skeleton but it seems the dinosaur fascination is once again leaving my youngest, hope he comes back to it again.

Free Hot Chocolates-yummy!

 Bailey doing the Darwin quiz-he scored 10/12, not bad

We then moved on to the next museum which was the Museum of Zoology, bit of a bizarre museum I thought but the kids were fascinated by all the jars and jars of sealife, frogs, jellyfish, lobsters, crabs etc. I can't say that this was for me, I thought it was a bit gross to be honest but all four of the children LOVED it.  As we walked in there was a skeleton of a racehorse so that might have well been a clincher for Cordelia :-D 

Ruben found a Giant Land Sloth, look how tiny he looks next to it:

Piper was in a super silly mood for some reason? Fresh air, maybe? For whatever reason she seemed to spend a lot of the day getting on her younger sister's nerves. Cordelia was in an entirely different mood and was quite serious all day which is quite unlike her so she really wasn't happy about Piper's silliness as this photo kind of shows:


Ruben was very happy to spot the Tapir skeleton as its his BFF's favourite animal, he insisted on a photo and a goofy smile.......

After this museum we went and had some lunch and walked around the town, its a very beautiful place with lots of fascinating architecture  So long as you don't manage to get run over by cyclists that is, and the pavements are very narrow here for such a busy place and I was very, very thankful I wasn't there in the days of my huge three wheeler double pushchair because it would have been a nightmare! Funny, how in lots of ways practically anyway, its easier now they are getting bigger but gosh its hard dealing with all the attitudes, high emotions, pleasing everyone etc. I'm not sure yet which stage was harder, having 4 children 5 years and under or having 1 teenager, 2 nearly teens and an 8 year old. I realise though, that it is difficult with all the hormones and mood swings and I try really hard not to take offence. I suppose that's the fun of being a parent-there is always something new and challenging around the corner, just when you think you can put your feet up with a tea your back down the rollercoster and in a completely new zone! I suppose it'd be really boring otherwise wouldn't it?

After lunch we walked to the Fitzwilliam Museum, a really breathtakingly, beautiful building. That was until my youngest son decided to spin in the glass door like Will Ferrell in "ELF". The guy behind the counter was so not amused and so we already had the distinct feeling that it wasn't going to be the most child-friendly museum. It wasn't. After around 10 minutes the kids decided it was not a museum for them and we made a quick exit. A quick look around the museum of Anthropology, again not very child friendly, so we were out in precisely 5 minutes. Tired and weary we headed to the coffee shop via John Lewis to look at LOTR Lego. Much more perked up we headed for what I thought was the park and ride bus stop, it wasn't. Que heavy rain, boots with holes in and a good 30 minute walk around town trying to find the "right" stop. In the end a bus driver took pity on us, drove us back into town (we'd managed to walk out again!) and walked us to the bus stop as he'd finished his shift. Faith in humankind restored. A 12 minute wait for the bus back in cold, wet clothes before a 12 minute bus ride back to the car. Public transport is not for me. Neither are directions. I may have to have a tattoo of a map placed on me, my navigational skills are truly appalling.

Still the kids had a great day and it was a nice break ;-)

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  1. WOW you did several of the museums in one day:)! I love the cambridge museums I think the only one we have missed is the Scot Polar museum. I will get to it before we return to the states. We love living near Cambridge, so glad you got to enjoy it too:)