Sunday, 7 October 2012

National Media Museum, Bradford

Been so slow with my posts of late, I find it frustrating when I get behind as I enjoy keeping this space up to date but things here have been hectic amongst other things. The children however have been a constant source of joy and pleasure, and yes I'm saying that without any sarcasm because if anything that's happened recently has taught me anything its that I should hold my children closer and treasure them even more than I usually would. 

On a much lighter note we had a family day out, its been a while since we all managed a trip out together what with hubby's work, my small business and lots of other things. Bailey had his usual Warhammer group and we had our usual walk around Linacre, we came home to drop off the dog and have a quick lunch and then set off to Bradford. I haven't been in q few years but did bring the children to the Media Museum, they couldn't remember it at all so it proved even more fun for them! Especially Ruben who is a huge Moshi Monster fan, the museum has lots of Moshi Monster related fun and a huge display in the gift shop so he was happy before we had even had a chance to see any of the gallery's!
This was a cool wall of vintage TV sets...
A Dalek! As we have just finished watching the current Dr Who series on BBC 1 this was very relevant, all six of us are huge Dr Who fans and already eagerly awaiting the Christmas Special!
This was the magic gallery, lots of hands on things the children could touch and explore which I think is important in a musuem as they can sometimes be too much about reading the info and not about being allowed to play and touch things they see.
Piper really liked this room
And so did Dad and Bailey....
Think the video game area was enjoyed by all of us and was a trip down memory lane for hubby and I, I had a great time beating him at Mario Kart on one of the old nintendo systems!
Bailey enjoying some video game time even though we had to drag him away from his Xbox to come out!
But look at how he is bonding with his littlest sister...sweet
Piper and Ruben playing Lego Pirates of the Caribbean on the Xbox. We have had most of the Lego computer games and they are really good, not got any for  our family xbox at the moment though so maybe I will have to think about it as they had a lot of fun playing it together
This was Piper taking part in the Read Aloud exhibition, a whole book is read with people taking it in turns to read 1 line from the book. It was Jane Eyre that we read from, Piper thoroughly enjoyed herself, think we might have a bit of an actress in the making.....
We came out to Bailey and Ruben building something to do with Minecraft, can't remember what but at least they were doing it together!
Think this was the children's favourite part of the museum, the recording studio, as I spent nearly two years doing a media course at college I mamanged to give them a few tips for directing the tv cameras. Piper loved this bit where you got to read the news from an autocue, she was very professional!
Ruben LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the Moshi Monster green screen, he actually got to jump around in Monstro City, he was over the moon!
Can you tell?
Then it was time to mess with the Teletubbies....
Filming in the tv studios.....
Bailey and Piper doing a spot of directing and filming of their younger siblings...
And finally playing in the directors office, making phone calls, sending faxes, answering the phone, seeing which characters are due on the set next.....
All part of the day job.


  1. That looks great fun. Is it busy? I.e. did you have to wait ages to have a go in each studio?

    1. It wasn't busy when we were there but we didn't go until about 3pm on a Sunday. Its all one big studio, very open plan but they didn't have to wait long to have a go :-)

  2. Looks like a brilliant day out. Isn't it funny how we have to persuade them to go somewhere and then they have a really good time?!

    1. Yeas it is lol! But its worth it. My children take after me for needing a gentle nudge in the right direction so can't really say much lol!

  3. long time now since we visited that museum so lovely to see your pics. looks like a great day out.

    1. Thanks Helen, it was a lovely day out!