Friday, 26 October 2012

Making a Bug Hotel with Dadddy

This post is very, very late-its from August when Hubby had a couple of weeks off. We were meant to be at a home ed camp but weather was rubbish so we had some home days and days out too. Ruben has wanted to build a Bug Hotel for ages so this was a good opportunity. He has a real tool kit that we bought him a few Christmas's ago and loves it, the tools are real but smaller so perfect for his smaller hands. We had lots of old bits of wood/mdf so they measured up some bits...

and started making a basic frame

which looked like this..

Ruben used an old piece of driftwood that we got in Wales last year and wrote Bug Hotel on it

He filled it with rocks and smaller pieces of wood fro the bugs to hide underneath.

It looks lovely at the bottom of the garden and he checks it every few days to see what little mini beasts are visiting his Bug Hotel!

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  1. oh WOW! I have just seen this. what a wonderful idea. i will be pinning this for next spring! We are always looking for new reasons to get out the woodwork! Thanks for sharing x