Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Happy Halloween!!

We always enjoy Halloween celebrations here! We started the week by pumpkin carving, all of the children enjoy it, even Bailey. I resisted the urge to take over, the perfectionist in me can't help herself normally, but this time I sat with a cuppa and just watched only helping if I was asked. The actual carving unnerves me, sharp knives aarrgghhh but they all did a really good job and everyone still has all their fingers :-D Great fun was had and I love all the smiley faces!

 Next up was filling loot bags for the trick or treaters! We bought some clear bags and put halloween confetti , haribo sweets and lolly pops in each bag.
 The children did it all together and worked out how many should go in each bag and how many bags they had etc-team work and maths!

As we had invited a few friends over the girls wanted to make some party food. First up they made wiggly worm jelly. They had never made jelly before and really, REALLY, enjoyed cutting up the cubes and dissolving them in hot water.

 They decided to curl each worm up at the bottom of the tub before pouring jelly in
 Ruben helped melt some chocolate for our skeleton and bones moulds. He didn't really want to help and I had to give him a slight nudge, he has a tendency to just leave it to the girls but he always enjoys it when he helps so sometimes my guiding helps (sometimes not too!)
 I made a big batch of biscuits and the girls cut gingerbread men out of them. When they were cooked and cooled, we made royal icing and Cordelia turned them all into skeletons and mummies
 I LOVE LOVE LOVE lit up pumpkins, wish we could have them for decorations all year round!
 The finished gingerbread men and the cupcakes Cordelia and I made
 We also had a go at meringue ghosts, the girls have wanted to try meringue for ages and now I have a new electric mixer it is SO much easier than doing them by hand. I think I must have eaten at least 6 when they came out of the oven, I love them. Probably why I don't make them too often then as I was on a serious sugar high!
 I got Ruben to do a few of these too as again he was happy to leave it to the girls but he had fun doing them, although getting messy is not his favourite activity-unless of course its mud!

We were so busy that I never took any photographs of the children in their costumes, that's the first year I have ever forgot. I planned on taking photo's of them with their friends when they came back in from trick or treating but thanks to the good old British weather, it rained so heavily that they all looked like drwoned rats when they got back home. I'd like to say I didn't laugh but they did all look very funny with Alice Cooper style face paints running down their faces. After towel drying them all and making a batch of hot chocolates to warm everyone back up they were all happy again though. They had a great time, which is all that really matters! Happy Halloween


  1. looks like everyone had a great time. Well done you on standing back. That's a lesson i have been working on recently. I have finally managed to step back and let the boys do it themselves. Brendan in particular is making things that i would have totally ruined if i had stepped in. His creative side is really coming out. Kenzie made jelly for the first time too this week. It's a lovely job and one i remember from my childhood. Love all the yummy creations! they did did great!

  2. Thank you Pip! It is hard not to step in and "help" isn't it? But when you do you realise that you would have spoiled it. Glad its not just me then. I'm glad Brendan is enjoying a more creative side-I don't always think its easy for boys to get/be creative. Glad Kenzie enjoyed the jelly making too-my girls thought it was a lot of fun and I also remembered eating the cubes as a child which the girls also enjoyed finding out!

  3. love the idea of meringue ghosts - will use that next year! sounds great