Monday, 8 October 2012

Bradford City Light Garden

After visiting the media museum earlier in the day we went for some tea and then headed into Bradford's famous City Park. Its very impressive and even more so this evening as the French light artists TILT had turned it into a garden of light. It was the main reason for our trip into Bradford as it was only here for 10 nights. First up we saw the mirror pool with its feature fountain (in the background) its the largest fountain of any UK city at 100ft high. Its very impressive and quite loud when it shoots so high. The laser lights look very effective too. Not sure about the children paddling in it though, it was far too cold for paddling!!
The town hall, the architecture in Bradford is truly amazing. We didn't get to see it all as it was late when we left the restaurant to see the lights, but there were some beautiful buildings that I'd have been happy to stare at for ages! I love buildings..
Meeting the stilt walkers-not sure if they were meant to be monsters of some kind? They didn't speak so had a starngeness that was very inviting! Cordelia was desperate to shake her hand and have a photo.
I love taking photos of the children all together, its so hard these days as Bailey and Piper are becoming photo-phobic :-(
Thought this looked like a light sabre tree personally....
This looked like a sunflower, very pretty
Snuggly daddy

Loved how they changed the lights around the town hall, looked a little spooky

Was lovely to see, it even felt a little Christmassy, I know its a little too early for that but it was lovely. Its rare to be out at night time looking at lights except at Christmas!

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