Saturday, 8 September 2012

London Museums

The second day in London, which was even hotter than the day before!, and we walked from Victoria station through Belgravia and onto Kensington to the Natural History Museum. Its about a 2 mile walk, so not the fastest but I really, really hate the tube and London was so busy anyway with the para olympics and the weather was SO nice it seemed a shame to be trapped in a tiny metal tin, underground with lots of other people. So we walked. As my favourite sport is people watching and hubby is the same, we both love drinking in the ambience and atmosphere of London, especially a bit more of the main areas. Maybe the writer in me is inspired to look into all the people passing me as I can't help but wondering what their lives are like, what their thinking and feeling. Could all be very useful stuff one day..

Anyway, approaching one of my favourite buildings in London I was surprised it was only a small queue, but we sat in the grounds and had an early picnic lunch first. Ruben wanted to see the dinosaurs, when we first brought him here he was 4 years old and dinosaur crazy. When we got round to the big T-Rex he was so terrified and hid behind my legs! Not today, he knew it was coming and was very unaffected. I didn't take any photos of him with the dinosaurs as it was so busy and I have so many photos of him with dinosaurs. 

I did take this one of Ruben under the diplodocus in the entrance but its so big I managed to cut its head out of the photo!
 Cordelia wanted to see the animals, in particular the horses, as she is horse-crazy! Its amazing to see how tiny the very first horses that existed were compared to modern day horses. And also how they are related to rhino's and tapir's! I love the view from this balcony.....

After the NHM we crossed over the road to a museum we haven't been into before-the Victoria & Albert Museum. I've wanted to go for ages and it really didn't disappoint-WOW. Piper and I loved the fashion area. The Raphael Cartoons were, well IMMENSE is all I can really say. I particularly liked the Renaissance Sculptures, and it has made me feel very excited about our holiday to Italy next year!

Its just HUGE inside!
 These columns were HUGE

 Ruben hit a bit of a meltdown point, my children aren't made for heat + lots of walking and it was the 2nd day in a row of walking around London.

 So we perked everyone up with a break, would you believe this amazing square exists in the middle of a busy London museum????

It was like being back at the Roman Baths, only we could paddle this time! We all sat with our feet in the cool water, the girls and Ruben had a walk round the water. After a coffee (me) and cold drinks we were all feeling much perkier.

Which was good since the girls and I discovered the jewellery room....Oh My Word it was MEGA!!! I found at least 3 tiaras that I'd like....No photos allowed sadly.

We left behind the V & A, but a definite "got to come back again soon". And headed to Harrods, I thought the toy area might be a bit of a let down compared to yesterday Hamleys Top Shop visit. But as we walked in Ruben said "Mom, pinch me, I think I'm in a dream". Funny boy. Children headed off in different directions again. Cordelia chose a rather beautiful wooden rocking horse with a £4999 price tag, ouch! Piper immersed herself in the dolls houses section, and Bailey found a great TV for his room, s nip at only £66,000!!!!!!!!

Down the escalators and we saw the sign for the Christmas shop-who could resist a Christmas shop on September the 8th, only two hours after paddling in 30 degree heat-not us!

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