Friday, 7 September 2012

London calling

Gosh its been a LONG while since we went into London, actually it was 4 years ago!! Meaning the last time I brought the children they were aged 10, 7, 6 and 4, gosh that was so long ago. I will have to find a photo of them the last time we came... I am always looking for ways to get into London as cheap as possible which isn't that easy with 6 of us. So we bought a Friends and Family Railcard for £28, we drove to Hayward's Heath Train Station and caught the train into Victoria. It meant it cost us just under £20, which is pretty good value as it costs me nearly £12 at home to go into town! It was a very pleasant 45 minutes into London and so much easier now the children are a little bigger. The children really just wanted to sightsee today, Ruben wanted to see Big Ben, the girls wanted to see Buckingham Palace and Bailey was just very happy to soak up the ambience of London.
 We just missed the changing of guard by a few minutes so it was very busy around the palace. We even saw some para-olympians from the Japanese and Russia teams but were too slow to get a photo!
 Everything looked so clean and sparkly, London has obviously taken great pride in being the Olympic host city and it looked better than ever.
 We kept spotting the Olympic Mascots around the city
I asked the children to stand in front of this because I figure one day they will be able to tell/show their own children that they went to London during the para Olympics, which I think is pretty cool :-)
 Being patriotic in Trafalgar Square
 Standing next to the Olympic Clock
 Hubby just had to take a photo of the children with these horses, we had to practically drag Cordelia away!
 Cordelia and Ruben loved this mime artist, he was so good I actually thought he was a statue when we walked past him, maybe even a Banksy....maybe I need some new glasses
We took the children to Hamleys, they were SO excited. Ruben rushed off to find Moshi Monster figures, his new favourite thing, whilst the girls and I dived straight into the Monster High Dolls section! Here is Piper with Frankie Stein and Draculaura 
 And Cordelia with Toralei
The children loved the Lego section, another phase we are going through thanks to the new Lego store opening in Sheffield. He wanted his picture taken with all the Lego models
 He has a few Lego Ninjago figures at home so loved this one
The Iconic red phone box-in LEGO! With the Queen chatting on the phone inside
 Then on to Leicester Square to visit M & M world-which to be fair was more me than the children, peanut m & m's are my absolute favourite! Never realised they were was so popular....
 four whole floors of m & m merchandise, we settled for a pick n mix of m & m's. The silver were my favourite, yum!
 Even a special machine to tell which is your favourite colour m & m! Ruben was white
 Cordelia was white (think she was slightly annoyed to be the same colour as Ruben!)
 and Piper was light blue!
 Gold, silver and bronze medals hanging in Leicester Square, where we had a lovely rest in the shade and watched the fountain before heading off for more sightseeing!
 Big Ben!!
 River Thames and the London Eye, we were so lucky with beautiful weather
 I'm really not sure you could find a better spot for a carousel then under the shadow of the London Eye!

 As we walked back to the train station after 7 hours of walking around London we spotted this beautiful statue in the grounds of Westminster Abbey, Cordelia loved it and Ruben took this photo of her


  1. Wow, what an amazing trip! Looks like you timed it well with the sunshine too x

    1. Thanks Motherfunker!! We were very lucky with the weather and tried to make the most of it x

  2. Wow!! All that in one day! Super duper!! I can remember the awe as a child of walking into Hamleys - the feeling never leaves you :)

    1. I hope that's true Higglepea and that they always remember it. I only went to London for the first time four years ago when I took the children for the first time too, so they really are very lucky!