Sunday, 9 September 2012

Last Day in London & Mummy's birthday

Our last day in London and my birthday! Again we were blessed with incredibly good weather so we spent most of the day in Hyde Park. We bought lots of food and plenty to drink and had several mini picnics around the park. We had a paddle in the Princess Diana Memorial, which was incredibly busy and then we walked up through to the Italian Gardens. 
We walked right up to Kensington Gardens to the Princess Diana Memorial Playground but when we arrived there it was incredibly busy and one look in the playground and at the queue to get in and the children decided they would rather just sit outside. So we sat and watched all the runners, cyclists, skateboards and roller blading people coming and going instead, and I looked out for all the expensive prams (I love prams despite no longer needing one I still love spotting the very expensive ones!). As we came out of Kensington Gardens we saw the palace (but I didn't get a photo!) and this magnificent memorial to Prince Albert, Queen Victoria's husband. Piper told us all about how Queen Victoria mourned Prince Albert and wore only black and hardly went out for 7 years unless it was to open a memorial for him. She is a fountain of knowledge, usually when we least expect it. I suppose it all comes from the amount of books she literally devours on a daily basis. She has always been very fond of History, especially the Victorian period.
Opposite was the Royal Albert Hall, I've never seen this before so it was a day of first times for me and the children. Hubby spends quite a lot of his working time in London so he was like our very own tour guide!
This is the view from the other side, its a very aesthetically pleasing building, which I love.
As we walked down past the Royal College of Music we could here piano's, trumpets and violins all playing, a very magical sound from such an old, historic and beautiful building. We walked until we came to the Science Museum. As we were all getting a little weary from the heat we sought some solace in their air conditioning! Despite being weary when we went in the children found lots of energy to run around in the discovery area and tried lots of the different experiments there. Ruben built a bridge, which he made daddy test.
Bailey found some interactive video games (you can take the boy away for the Xbox...)
Piper enjoyed playing games on the PC too

Whilst Cordelia drew an invention for the inventor's wall, I took a photo but it didn't come out very well at all. We had a slow walk back to Victoria Station and no one really wanted to leave, we had such a fantastic 3 days in London and have decided to try and do it at least once a year. But I'm kind of thinking maybe Paris in September next year.........

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