Monday, 3 September 2012

How all home ed days could/should be?...

I know I haven't been blogging much lately, life has been hectic and I haven't had the time or energy for blogging. I've just been enjoying the freedom of not taking photos for the blog or even thinking about it. But I miss it and I like that I have this record of our lives, its so lovely to look back on and see how much we have done and how the children have grown and changed. Hubby had two weeks off so we had a few days out the first week and the second week, which was back to school for a lot of children, started off with glorious sunshine and so we had a trip to Chatsworth to paddle in the lake and catch fish, play with friends, climb tress, get very muddy and just enjoy the freedom! I wish everyday could be as lovely as this one, life would be great if hubby could share more of our home educating journey instead of working. But I'm very grateful he does work so hard so that we can home educate our children and I am able to stay at home and be with them all the time, I'm very lucky.

Only a few photo's of the children playing because they were busy playing and catching fish and shrimp whilst we were chatting and me getting sunburnt!

 How many friends can you fit on a tree branch?? I'm sure all sorts of educational math and science could be learnt just from this one bit of fun.....

Luckily we took our nets and a bucket with us but not any paddling clothes so Ruben ended up in his boxers. It was quite cold water but the sun was very warm and it was lovely to have a little bit of late summer sun. A really lovely HE day out:)

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