Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Geology & Thing-searching at the beach

Our last day in Sussex and it always seems to be spent on this beach at Birling Gap! I'm not complaining because it has become one of our favourite spots and we were lucky to have it all to ourselves. The tide was in so no rock pools for us to explore so we did some geology instead, lots of smash rocks open to see what was inside..

 We found lots of big chunks of chalk that had fell from the cliffs, its quite soft and easy to break up, we brought some home with us for when our new chalkboard arrives.
Inspired by our favourite book character "Miss Pippi Longstocking" we went on our very own thing-search!! The sea had washed up several interesting things...first up was this flag
 and this plastic tub which had been washed up from Cornwall by the looks of it and it had a few interesting passengers inside, think they might be mussels?
 There were quite a few inside the box

 Then time for a little reading, the girls love these books "How to be the best at everything" and this one is a firm favourite The Family Book Amazing Things to do Together. I can't think of a better spot for reading, although reading "The Jungle Book" to the children in Rudyard Kipling's garden was pretty epic....
Inspired we had a family spelling test at the children's request with some Starburst as prizes. Piper did extremely well which I'm putting down to the amount of time she spends reading! As spelling tests are not something we do regular here at the Barras Home-School of Excellence!!

A lovely last day in our second home Sussex, thank goodness hubby can drive though as he ended up driving us all the way back home as I started with the flu!

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