Thursday, 6 September 2012

Brighton Rocks-it really does!

We set off early this morning to go camping in Sussex, hubby was back at work on Monday and as we usually go with him to Sussex, its really like our second home now, we decided to go a few days earlier and enjoy some days out. As we made really good time we went and had a few hours in a very sunny Brighton. I think we had been here all of 5 minutes when a shopkeeper asked why the children weren't in school! He was actually quite cheery about it, which always makes a nice change! Cordelia picked up a few postcards for her postcard scrapbook and we had a lovely picnic lunch on the beach. Takes a bit of getting used to on the shingle beaches as they can be very painful to walk on! We had a walk into town and Cordelia spotted this shop:

As she had an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party  she is very fond of all things Alice, actually we both are and this shop was fantastic, actually its a good job that we don't live near it otherwise her party could have been a lot more expensive with all the fab things inside the shop!

Was interesting to see Brighton has its own wheel now too, they seem to pop up everywhere now! After a few hours we headed off to the campsite to put our tent up. Very strange to be camping in sun after all the bad weather we had on our last camping trip in June. But its lovely being in the tent once again. We had the most beautiful clear, starry skies tonight. I love camping :-)

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