Monday, 2 July 2012

Taking Dad to Rye!

Although we decided not move down to East Sussex earlier in the year we still like visiting lots, hubby was working down there this week so we tagged along. Hubby had a day off and we travelled down to where we were staying in Hastings via Rye. The children and I have visited a few times and we really like it here. We had a lovely walk around the cobbled streets where the children found a doppleganger to our own cat at home Thundercat! They couldn't resist a stroke!
 And some silly faces in the sunshine!

 We had a walk to Rye Castle and a look at the lovely views whilst the children occupied themselves by keeping us safe with the help of some old canons!
 We didn't go in the castle itself but it looks very cool. Instead we had a walk around all the different antique shops....

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  1. Oooh antique shops!
    Really glad to see you on a holiday in dry weather, you guys deserve it :)