Sunday, 15 July 2012

Strawberry Sundays

We were up early to walk around the car boot sales as its been quite a few weeks since its been dry enough for us to go! We picked up a lot of books today, I bought the girls over 50 Point Horror Books for £5!! I read them as a teenager and I got the girls onto them a few months back so we have been looking out for them in charity shops and at car boot sales. The girls were so excited to get this many all at once, I might even have to read through some of them for old times sake! The girls and Ruben also found some more Littlest Pet Shop figures, including a vending machine (apparently this is really cool as its featured on the Youtube video?!?) so off they went to play a huge game of LPS when we got back whilst I continued my renovating/painting/glossing of furniture in the dinning room. After a cooked lunch we had to drop Daddy off for a trip down to Sussex, we were all a bit sad as its not very often he goes away on a weekend. As we were driving back we decided to go to the strawberry fields, it was quite busy actually! But we got straight in and started picking!

 Finding some monster strawberries!
 They were really well hidden
 But abundant!
Taking home our spoils....
 After tea I made a strawberry and peach (tinned not fresh sadly!) crumble that I served with double cream and in the words of my children it was EPIC!! I have had a least two portions, well it is the weekend!!

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