Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Sheffield Park Gardens, Sussex

The satnav got us a bit lost getting here but we finally made it! Again we haven't been here in a while and it was a bit rainy when we arrived, the staff were a little grumpy with us too which is a shame as they had been very friendly at both NT properties earlier, never mind. We were starting to feel a little weary by the time we got here to be fair but its such a beautiful place! Once you walk a few metres into the gardens you can lose all the other walkers and pretend your the only ones here, which we did.  The view of the lake was lovely
 And these giant plants were great for sheltering us from the rain, especially during a rather heavy shower whilst we were there!

 We saw this plant all over Sussex, although I'm not sure which plant it is?? Any ideas??
 We found a lovely spot to shelter in for 5 minutes, it had a thatched roof which proved an interesting conversation with the children.
 A giant redwood, I'm not sure how old this one is but a different one that was 125 years old and the second tallest redwood here was struck by lightening in January this year, you can read the story here BBC News. This photo does it no justice until you see the next one....
 As Bailey is around 5 ft 7/8 you can appreciate how big this tree is!
 We were followed by a very friendly group of ducks and their ducklings
 They were VERY cute!
After pecking at our wellies the ducklings hopped in the lake and went for a little swim. Three NT properties in one day is a record for us I think, our home ed membership has paid for itself today alone!

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