Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Park Days

Today we met up with friends at the park, we haven't been in a while and we haven't seen our friends for a good catch up since we got back from Sussex. It was a perfect opportunity to take our minds off yesterday really, although Ruben is dealing with it much better than I had thought he would. He's obviously more mature than I thought. Today the weather was dry! Hurrah, it seems slightly miraculous after all the rain that has been falling and it was good to take advantage of the dry weather even though its cooler than it should be. The children were very excited to see R and M and wish R a belated Happy Birthday. I have no photos of the children playing becaus ethey were off having lots of fun, only returning to me for food, drinks or the use of my phone camera. What I do have is lots of photo's of Geese! Courtesy of Cordelia :) We seem to be all out of kilter with any kind of routine after having the holiday and our four nights in Hastings. Not that we usually have much of a routine but still I'm feeling a little aimless at the moment, which has not been helped by me feeling under the weather for the last month. I think I need to take a bit better care of myself and that will help, easier said than done.

Today was nice though, R got to come back and have a play, which was great, the boys played happily on Minecraft (what else at the moment?) and it was lovely to hear laughter and giggles again. We are very fortunate to have good friends to cheer us up!
Bailey has finally painted his Warhammer scenery that he has built out of polystyrene too. He is looking forward to the Warhammer home ed group starting in September, it seems ages away but I'm sure it will pass quickly. He has also been reading a book about Winston Churchill this week since we came back from Chartwell last week. He's rather taken with him. I think that's a very good "strewing" example!

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