Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Bateman's National Trust

The good thing about being up and about early to drop Hubby off at the head office means is that we have a bit of a push to get out. I'm not much of a morning person and when I think how I used to get up early and get four small children out of the house for school every morning I'm sure it must have been someone else's life because I don't recognise it as my own! First up this morning in our trio of trips was a trip to Rudyard Kipling's House "Bateman's" we visited a while back and its a lovely house. We especially like the gardens! I bought the Home Educator's Membership, we've had it a few times before mixed with full family membership. Its works out much cheaper than full family membership at only £36 even though it means only visiting term-time only. We prefer the quieter times anyway. The house didn't open until 11am, much to the annoyance of some Dutch visitors, so we had half an hour to walk around the gardens. I love this hedge face!

 The children spotted some goldfish in the lake

 I lost Cordelia in the pink flowerbeds! She was perfectly camouflaged haha!
 We visited the watermill in the garden and had a go with the grinding stones. They were VERY heavy and I'm not sure how much flour we'd be getting if we had to do this on a daily basis!

 The first of the giant plants we saw this week! It became a bit of a theme.....
 Just before we walked up to the house Cordelia spotted this fungus that I thought looked like a pancake. She took this photo
 After a quick wander around the house, the children remembered visiting not that long ago, We chatted to the lady in the children's room about Kipling's daughter who died when she was three years old. Downstairs in the dinning room we chatted to the staff member called Jeffrey about the wallpaper and how it was made. Its made from calf skin and then printed on top. He had a book in his hand that was given to him on his 4th birthday, just before WW2. It was Rudyard Kipling's "Just So Stories". he had kept it all this time. It looked like a very well read book and much loved. He told the children how they came about and how Kipling wrote them for his daughter, she liked him to re-tell the same story and got cross with him if he changed the story at all. So he wrote them all down for her hence the title. We haven't read these stories but I'll be making a point to after today. It was lovely that Jeffrey took the time to talk to the children and I found him so interesting I could have chatted to him all day! As we walked back up to the car Cordelia took a photograph of this garden display for the Queen's Jubilee. It looks a bit sparse now but I bet it looked beautiful a month or so ago!
 Whilst walking around the gardens I also spotted this spider's web. It looked like diamonds sparkling and I couldn't resist taking a photograph. Nature can be so beautiful. As we finished Charlotte's Web recently Ruben and I have become so intrigued by Spider Web's and how strong they are. All the rain has made them look so beautiful.......

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  1. Sounds like a really interesting visit & some lovely pics! Not sure I'd want wallpaper like that but how fascinating & I didn't know that was how the Just So stories got their name.