Monday, 9 July 2012

Busy children poorly mama..

I've been feeling under the weather today and this afternoon really couldn't move off the sofa so its been a quiet day. We were meant to see friends at singing, who we haven't seen in a while so the kids were a little disappointed but put a brave face on it. Thankfully as so much energy was burned last week on our many trips and visits the children seemed to relish a day at home. They've been playing a mega game of Littlest Pet Shop for three solid days now so I'm kind of waiting for it to end rather abruptly with tears from at least one of them but so far so good, no tears! Usually these big games do not end well but there's a first time for everything! I told them about a box of material squares on my sewing cabinet and they rushed off to find it and started to make furnishings for the LPS. Sleeping bags, blankets and carpets were created.

This led to a wedding scene, with a wedding dress and an outfit for the groom being made too! Last week in a charity shop in Reigate, Cordelia found a book from the "Doodle Books" range, we are big fans of the books here and have several already! It was only £1.50 and had not one doodle in it so we bought it. This encouraged the younger three to have a doodle morning, Ruben is really into Minecraft at the moment and so all his pictures featured "Steve", he thoroughly enjoyed himself. The girls argued over who could draw in the new book as its the only "girly" doodle book we've got, I talked them into doing a page together, argument side stepped! They did a pillow fight doodle together before going off to play Monster High.

 Ruben asked if he could finish the Papertoy Monster he had started with Hubby before we went away. Meet Heidi, the monster in the closet! She was a bit tricky but we managed it together!

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  1. My teenage son is heavily into Minecraft as well-I have learnt lots about it (rolls eyes) Hope you soon feel better x