Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Bodium Castle

After Bateman's we drove to Bodium Castle, we haven't been here in quite a few years now. I have a photo of the children stood in this exact same place and they all look so little! It was one of our first trips when we began home educating, so nearly 4/5 years ago. I really love castles, especially castles with a moat around and Bodium doesn't disappoint, its rather splendid!

 We had a picnic lunch overlooking the little stream and watching the ducks and their ducklings meeting & greeting the visitors! Funny that this time only Ruben wanted to climb up the towers, last time only Piper didn't want to go up. She has a real fire of "swirly stairs". So Ruben and I eagerly (well him eagerly, me a little slower) climbed up the stairs to find a room set for a banquet!

 And also see the "Bodium Bat"-they were really noisy, (imagine a loud squeaky noise). Ruben wanted to climb all the way up to the top and it was such a fantastic view!  
We even spotted these three children down below!

Ruben being a Pokemon-I forget which one!

Back down the incredibly steep stairs to tell the others about the "Bodium Bat" only for Cordelia to insist on going back up to see it. 

  Oh well, at least it was good exercise, the stairs are quite steep, especially the second time around!! We managed to see some huge Koi Carp in the moat outside that came up to the surface as if to say "Hi". The rain started, we had been rather fortunate so far today! So we headed back to the car for our afternoon visit....

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