Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Woolacombe Sands & Sand Sculpting Dads!

We awoke to another glorious sunny day in North Devon and so headed to what is, according to Trip Advisor one of the top ten beaches in the UK. Three miles of sandy beach! It was much busier than Croyde but we managed to find a nice spot. After our picnic lunch Hubby and Wes decided to have a go at some sand sculpting, the children got involved for a short while but they got bored pretty quickly, so they left them too it!
Meanwhile, Bailey used some of his own pocket money (think its the only thing he bought ALL holiday apart from a Warhammer magazine!) to buy himself a huge spade to dig a hole that he could fit in. Kept him busy for quite a while......
Cordelia hid behind a towel before taking me to see some jellyfish that had been washed up onto the beach. I forgot to take photos though! Then both girls, Ruben and little R decided to spend a good half an hour or so rolling down a very big sandy dune they had found. They were shattered afterwards and they were totally covered in sand, even in their scalp!

We walked back over to Hubby and Wes, who by this time had attracted quite a few fans, a guy even told them they should enter the "Weston-Super-Mare Sand Sculpting Competition"! Here is their "Velociraptor:

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