Thursday, 14 June 2012

Wistlandpound Reservoir & Barnstaple

Another morning of light rain, so after breakfast we set off to walk around the reservoir we could see from the campsite. The rain managed to stay off long enough for us to walk around thankfully. Although some of us weren't just walking around! What better use of a big brother could there be than for a piggyback?
 That's right, not one but two smiling photo's of Bailey-a first for the blog I think? :-D See how much fun being away from your Xbox for a week or so is and spending time with your siblings!?
 Even little R gets a piggyback from Cordelia!
 After the walk we were all hungry so headed off to Barnstaple. It was heavy rain by the time we got there so we ended up finding a pizza hut and having an all-you-can-eat-buffet. These pleased the children (and hubby!) lots and it was nice to be dry and not trying to cook in the rain for a change. Afterwards we walked back over the bridge and into Barnstaple Museum, I forgot my camera so only have a few phone shots but here is Cordelia taking her new role very seriously! She is Captain of the ship....

And I just couldn't resist this poster, I may have to see if I can buy a replica and put it up in the kitchen!

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