Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Warhammer Gaming Day

Today I took Bailey to Warhammer World for a home ed group day. We've been meaning to go along to the monthly meet for a while now but not made it so this was the first time we'd meet most of the group. Thankfully I already knew two of the parents and Bella kindly introduced me to the other parents. Bailey has been excited for several days about this trip, since we took him and Ruben to Warhammer World earlier in the year, he has been itching for a return trip. Just before we arrived, a little later than anticipated thanks to the sat nav, Bella text to tell us that the school championship league was there. This meant that the place was H-E-A-V-I-N-G! Thankfully Bailey wasn't too perplexed by this. It did make the place seem even hotter though on a day which was already 22 degrees and rather muggy and ever so slightly overwhelming but still. Bailey had a great time. He smiled and chatted to the staff, made a potential new friend and bought himself a new codex book and this months magazine. He's really embracing the Warhammer and I'm so glad because it involves so many skills, it's really good for maths and logic too! We didn't set off home until 4 so we had a full 5 hours in there!
Thankfully hubby was working from home today so the girls and Ruben stayed home. I think it might have been a little bit dull for them. They've had lots of fun at home playing ponies, paper fashions, houses, bouncing on the trampoline and rescuing a pigeon! Yes a pigeon! It's now "resting" in their wooden playhouse outside and we'll have to see how it's doing tomorrow.....

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