Thursday, 7 June 2012

A trip to Bath & the Fashion Musuem

We have been looking forward to going to the city of Bath for quite a while now. Its very significant in the history of the Romans which has come and go several times in this house. I'm hoping we might get on with a bit more of it now, maybe it will have inspired the children's imagination to find out more. The day was incredibly rainy and we all got soaked several times. I had booked a ticket online for the Fashion Museum and the Roman Baths, it was actually quite cheap for the  6 of us. We had a quick visit to see some of the Iconic buildings and streets in Bath despite the rain. First up was The Royal Crescent, its hard to see with our huge umbrella in the background but its a very cool street and I would really love to live in one of those houses. As we were near to the Fashion Museum we decided to go there first and dry off a bit. Thankfully they have an area for hanging up coats, which meant we could have escape our soaking wet jackets for an hour! Unfortunately, we couldn't take photo's in the museum, which was a shame as there were so many fantastic outfits. My favourite being the Chanel outfit and the Dress of the Year 2012 by Alexander McQueen! Piper was in total fashion heaven and Ruben and Cordelia enjoyed listening to the audio tour.
 This was part of the Olympic exhibition. I took it by mistake before I realised we weren't allowed to take photo's.
 There was a whole area designated for dressing up, which was packed full of people. The girls had to wait extremely patiently to try these dresses on but it was worth it as they both look so sweet!
 I think they could definitely pull of the Victorian look!
Much fancier than the clothes they tried on in the Workhouse in July last year! I think they suit rich children much better-haha :)

 There was an are for drawing and putting your pictures on the noticeboard. The pictures were a little bit like Top Model so Cordelia really enjoyed this. Here is her design.
It was a fun trip, even though it was only a small museum. Its a shame it was so busy as I think the girls would have really loved the opportunity to dress up in ALL of the dresses there!


  1. I am always taking photos in museums and then discovering I shouldn't have! Loving the photos! This is one of the places on our Summer list to visit - sounds awesome and we can't wait to go now!! x

  2. Glad its not just me then!
    It really is a great place to visit, I'm already excited about visiting again another time. Hope you all enjoy it too! x

  3. Roger took S here in September 2011 on our way home from Center Parcs - There are photos on the blog!!!!

  4. Yep you're right, Piper & Cordelia both suit the rich look best, they can both carry a bonnet very well ;)

    I always figure that the 'no photos in the museum' rule was why camera phones were invented...haha. Unfortunately Mason likes to tell me off loudly so I tend to obey.