Wednesday, 13 June 2012

National Trust's Heddon's Mouth

The weather forecast for today was pretty terrible so we decided to have a walk. I saw this walk on a Devon tourism website and thought it looked perfect. It really was! The National Trust say "The Heddon Valley set in the West Exmoor coast was the favourite landscape of the Romantic Poets. Follow the deep, lush wooded river valley down to the sea at Heddon's Mouth beach". 

I love a photo of everyone setting off!
No reason for this photo expect this tree was MEGA and I couldn't not!
The river swept all the way past through the walk.
Perfect "Pooh Sticks" bridge, if I ever saw one
We can see the sea!
The views were worth the walk
Easy to see why this beach was used for smuggling. Although we can't understand why there was a kiln built here? Some of it still remains but it doesn't mention why?
Pippo exploring the water in here new wellies. We went though 4, yes 4!, new pairs of wellies this holiday!
All around there were rock art left by previous walkers, Cordelia had a go at balancing some of the stones
Whilst I grabbed Pippi for a quick cuddle!
A rare family photo taken by Wes. Its a shame we don't have more family photo's but I like how natural this one is
Ruben's armadillo from Longleat exploring his surroundings
A dung beetle! Underneath they are a most spectacular blue

It was about 3 miles all in total and the rain stayed off so a very nice walk :-))

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