Monday, 18 June 2012

My Boy is 14!

Oh gosh! My boy turned 14 today! He requested a day of no fuss, and in particular wanted to be back home and NOT in the tent, bless him. He isn't the most enthusiastic camping fan. His only birthday request was for a flat screen television, sounds boring I know, I certainly got bored of looking at tv's before we finally chose one. If I've learned anything about parenting a teenager, especially one who has Aspie's its that I need to LISTEN to what he wants. The mother in me wants to make a fuss, out up banners and balloons, take him out for the day. Birthdays feel like they should be all theme parks and parties BUT not if that's not what they want. So I resigned myself to a rather "simple" birthday. I caged my "inner fussy mum bum" and just went with the flow of the day. It started early-6.30am, we had wrapped his tv up in our attic room and it had stayed there for the last 2 and 1/2 weeks waiting. We brought his cards up and he sat and opened them on our bed, whilst all of us watched. The others had all picked funny cards out themselves and helped Bailey count up his birthday cash. Dad then helped him set up his new TV, which he LOVES and has not stopped saying "Thank You" all day, and made us all a breakfast of bacon bagels (sans bacon for me!). Bailey asked if we'd mind taking him to Meadowhall to buy some Warhammer figures. He spent ages choosing which figures and paints he needed and chatting to the friendly staff in there. We picked him some new bedding as my parents in law have given him a double bed, so I'm using it as a good excuse to have a bit of a make over in his room! Back home and Dad made birthday pizza's, Bailey's choice, and I made a 4 layer sponge cake. A super quiet day really with no fuss but exactly what Bailey asked for. He doesn't like surprises. He says he's had a lovely birthday and he's very happy, our work here is done!

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  1. Looks like a fab day was had by all! Happy Birthday!! x