Saturday, 9 June 2012

The most anticipated trip EVER to Longleat!

Ruben and Cordelia have watched every episode of Roar, since Season 6 it has been filmed at Longleat Safari Park. They have both wanted to go for a while now and it was one of the reasons we chose the campsite in Glastonbury, it was only a 45 minute drive there. We got up early, had breakfast bought a lot of snacks to keep us going for the day and arrived at ten minutes before it "officially" opened. I'm glad we did as it was already very busy. I had saved my Tesco clubcard points up and so instead of costing us £133 to get in, it cost us £36 in clubcard vouchers! Thank you Tesco! Having said that, we had such a brilliant time that I would have happily paid the full price. Wow. And Wow again. What a superb place! First impressions were excellent, the park setting was just beautiful and as we made our way around to the first part=the safari, we were all very excited. First up were the giraffes, we had all cried watching an episode recently on Roar when one of the giraffes had died. It was very sad. So we were excited to see so many and how much space they had to run around. next up was the zebra's, Ruben was totally obsessed with zebra's for about two years when he was younger, he has lots of cuddly zebra's and some schleich ones too. Then it was flamingo's, Piper also had a real faze of these birds a while back, I think it was her Charlie and Lola flamingo t-shirt that started it! Then we went through the monkey drive through... Hubby is very afraid of monkey's so I was surprised he didn't say no to this part of the safari. He was very brave, because within about 20 seconds our car was covered in little monkeys and we watched, quite helplessly as the car in front of us got their aerial eaten! Then we were behind a motorhome for a while, watching all the monkeys climbing up the ladder! Was very comical but I suppose you had to be there! I had to get hubby to take some photo's even though he was literally shaking by this point. Doesn't help when you go through the entrance and its covered in pieces of car the monkeys have stripped off! 

Next up was the rhino, we got so close to this one, we could even here him hoovering up the grass and he passed right in front of our car, we were close enough to nearly touch him, although we didn't as I'm sure he wouldn't have appreciated that!
 We also got to feed some deer from the car, Cordelia really loved this as her and Ruben have had a bit of a Bambi faze recently.

 They were so friendly! Next was the elephant "Anne", she has only recently come to Longleat and she was inside so we didn't get to see her sadly. We managed to see all the tigers and then in the next enclosure had a whole pride of lions walk staright past us and sit next to the car baking in the sunshine! There must have been around 12/13 lions. Then we saw cheetah's, very skinny and so much like our own cats back at home. Lastly on the safari were the wolves, who seemed a little dull until one tried repetedly to escape for a good 10 minutes. They are so clever. We were all so impressed with how much space they have to roam, normally in zoos the cages are quite small considering the size of the animals but here they seemed very happy and had lots of space. We parked up after the safari and walked past the very grand house. We were going to stop and have lunch until we saw the river boats! All included in your tickets was a ride on here to see Nico, the silver backed gorilla, who seemed just as interested in looking at us as we were looking at him!

 Further up the river and we were treated to several sea lions, including the one Ruben was most excited about seeing-Buster! He was huge and I think it may have made Ruben's year that he got to feed him a fish!

I love this photo of him! Back and dry land and we had lunch in the sunshine, the first bit of sun for our entire holiday so far! After lunch, we went to Jungle Kingdom and saw Marmoset's and otters before feeding some Lorikeets nectar. Cordelia loved this part and had several of the Lorikeets sat on her, we have fed them before at Edinburgh Zoo so they knew what to expect.

Bailey waited outside as he's not a fan and Piper couldn't get out of their fast enough! In the next building Cordelia and Ruben got to hold a Python and a tarantula called Scarlet. Piper was on the verge of passing out, she has a fear of spiders, so she and Bailey went to look at the very cute guinea pigs. Ruben asked the keeper if he had been on Roar as he recognized him! He was very flattered!

We tried to look for the Armadillo, but he was sleeping sadly. Hubby, Bailey and I had a rest whilst Piper, Cordelia and Ruben played in the excellent adventure playground. We could probably have spent all day in here alone! Then it was a quick-ish go around the maze, with only Bailey making it into the middle. I sat and waited for sweaty looking children heading back my way but I think hubby enjoyed it in there too!

Then we went to see chipmunks sleeping in socks, a baby anteater hitching a ride on his mum and some amazing butterflies fluttering around us.

The last part of the day was spent watching the parrot show. Ruben volunteered and was kissed on the cheek by one of the parrots!

We spent a good 30-40 minutes in the gift shop whilst Cordelia and Ruben decided what cuddly to buy-Ruben opted for an armadillo whilst Cordelia chose a parrot. Its very easy to see why Longleat is the U.K's No1 Safari Park. It was such a fantastic day out. Bailey and Piper aren't into animals in the same way that Cordelia and Ruben are but they loved it too and we all want to return again, Ruben is already planning next year's trip and hasn't stopped talking about it since.


  1. Looks like an Amazing day was had by all!! The spider holding was very brave - not something mine would ever do!!!!! x

  2. You must have been so close as we were at center parcs longleat last week - We didn't do it this trip though as the monkies were wild on our caravelle roof!!