Saturday, 23 June 2012

Marie Curie Tea Party

About six weeks ago my mother in law sent me an email about the Marie Curie Blooming Great Tea Party. Its right up my street as I love tea and I love cake! So we organised it for Saturday the 23rd of June. I wish though, really wish I'd not been too busy to take some photo's of this because it was a lovely afternoon! My mother in law suggested it and I volunteered to do the baking and offered the use of my vintage china . The weather was really against us and even as we set up the two gazebo it was pouring down. Still we are British and we got on with it. The day before I had baked a carrot cake, a Victoria sponge, 32 cupcakes, 60 melting moments, 2 lemon cakes and 20 chocolate brownies. Other guests also brought buns and cakes so we had plenty. With the weather we weren't really expecting everyone to turn up. But we had a turn out of around forty people! We managed to catch up with friends who'd also been away (and had better weather!!), the children were so happy to see their friends after a 3 week separation!! The children were a big help, Bailey helped with moving gazebo's, chair's and tables, Piper helped with organising and setting tables, chatting to people. Cordelia helped sell the cakes and suggest what cakes people would enjoy. Ruben was in charge of the ice cream selling, how much he actually ate we shall probably never know.... Still it was a lovely afternoon and we raised £206 altogether, which is way more than I had imagined. Thank you for all who came and bought our tea and cakes!

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