Friday, 8 June 2012

M Shed & Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

After a very blustery morning walking around Bristol we found the M Shed museum, it was very interesting and I loved the hot air balloon theme (there is a Balloon Festival here every year, I've never been but would love to go, its looks brilliant!) I also loved the Bristol dinosaur, I like the idea that the rows of houses above the channel look like the outline of a dinosaur. I would have loved to buy a print for Ruben's bedroom but as they are original prints they are a little too pricey for me at the moment, I will keep it in mind though. The younger three particularly enjoyed the green double decker bus and it took me a while to coax them back off the top deck! There was also a pirate ship in the foyer that was from the film "The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists" it was pretty cool to see even though we haven't seen the film. 

After lunch in a cafe to warm up we had a drive to the other side of Bristol to see the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. I loved this side of town with its amazing architecture and buildings including the museum itself. Stepping inside was like stepping inside the movie "Night at the Museum". It was so grand and palatial. I loved the aeroplane above our heads, see below.
And this original "Banksy" which is called "Paint Pot Angel"
Ruben loved these dragons
And he found his own name!
Me, Cordelia and Ruben looking at the fossil of a pregnant Ichthyosaur. The dinosaur area was a very pleasant surprise!
But Ruben was in heaven and wanted photos with ALL the dinosaurs
Cordelia with the skelton of a


  1. Oh wow! You know I'm going to have to show HB tomorrow! x

  2. Oh my childhood just came rushing back haha, the museum looks just like it did when I was little. So glad you all had fun, I need to take the boys back for a look at Bristol ;)