Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Huddersfield, Chess & Tolson Museum

We've had a slow week getting back into the swing of things after our holiday, Bailey's birthday and the charity tea party. Hubby and I started some decorating yesterday too so I'm feeling really achey today. Especially as I painted all 6 of my bargain wooden dining chairs yesterday too. They look fab though, am very impressed. Hubby had a meeting this afternoon in Huddersfield and as we haven't been here before we tagged along. I took the children into Huddersfield Art Gallery, it was only small but we were the only ones there so it was quite nice. Pippi liked the first exhibition which was like a huge floral printed lung, it kept filling with air. Hard to describe really without a picture but no cameras allowed....

We came out and watched two men playing chess with this cool outdoor set, as they ducked under a shop for cover from the rain, Ruben and Cordelia jumped in and started a game. They had great fun and the two men waited patiently (although I'm sure they would have rather had the chess board back to themselves. Tough luck!)

 After a good 15 minutes of play and the two men watching the whole time! Cordelia won. Ruben shook her hand afterwards, at least he wasn't a sore loser.....
 We had a walk around the shops and picked up some new oil colours and canvases, had a look in the book shops and picked up a small birthday gift for Daddy. Then Hubby finished in his meeting and we had some spare time so we popped into the Tolson Museum. We brought the children here a while ago, must have been over 5 years ago as the children were at school.

Cordelia having a go at steering a canal boat
 A Victorian Classroom, looks very uninspiring....
 Weaving on a loom. Pippi, Cordelia and Ruben enjoyed this, I might have to buy them one!
 Bailey was reading this and was shocked, I have to admit to never hearing about the Luddites before. I wonder what they would have thought about technology in the twenty-first century? Seventeen men were hanged at the end of the trial, pretty grim..
 I wanted the girls to look sweet and serene but they were getting a little hyper by now and Cordelia stuck her head out and shouted "Look I'm in 3D!" :D
 I LOVE it when we find a random non-schooler. This time in Seth Mosley, who collected rare and common birds. His collection here was very impressive. Although I'm not a huge fan of cabinets of dead, stuffed birds... He also painted and wrote too and built the cabinets to hold his collection.
Oh my, not another photo of Bailey...smiling?.....

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    Love the giant chess pieces!! Too cool =-)