Sunday, 10 June 2012

Glastonbury Tor & Devon here we come!

The last day of our camping trip in Glastonbury and it managed to be just about dry enough to pack up, no one could ever accuse us of being fair weather campers after the last four nights that's for sure. We have managed to sleep(well kind of sleep) through gusts of wind up to 60 mph. We could here the wind blowing across the field before it hit our tent, a few people left early due to weather but I'm glad we stuck it out. After we had packed up we headed into Glastonbury one last time and headed up the Tor. I think we would have regretted not going up, even though I had a drive to Devon ahead of me I really wanted to see the views from the top. We timed it so well and a local man introduced himself when we got to the top of the Tor and said he would be doing a talk if we wanted to listen. He had lived in Glastonbury his whole life and his family dated back to 554 living there. He said people from around here don't stray far and there was a 20,00 year old skeleton found locally nearby and they traced his DNA to a decendent who still lived in Glastonbury! He told us so much about the Tor and the building up there, how it wasn't a church for everyday worship, but for a church for women and girlss on their monthly cycle. The carvings on the front showed the weighing scales of justice tipped towards the woman and St Bridget the milkmaid. He said all girls born locally with red hair have Bridget somewhere in their name. He then told us about the spot on top of the Tor where the lay-lines meet/cross. Cordelia volunteered to stand on the spot whilst he talked and he said when women stand here they do two things: Smile, and rotate slightly to the left. Both things she was doing! He also said if you had an injury it would feel warm and several people said they had warmth in their legs from old injuries including Cordelia who hurt her hip a while back when she fell off a quad bike at the Ski centre. He also told us how he had a terminal brain tumour 20 years ago and refused treatment. He came up to that spot half an hour before sunrise and half an hour before sunset, after 9 months his tumour had completely gone. I realsie this sounds corny now but I have to admit stood up there, on that very windy morning, I felt quite emotional listening to him. I'm not a great believer in these things but I am a great believer in doing whatever works for you. We are all different people and what works for one wouldn't neccessarily work for another. At the end of everything it worked for him and that's all that matters. Seemed a little like fate that we happened to be up there and listen to his talk. Back down the tor and we had a last look in all the shops. I bought a tin heart for our friends tenth wedding anniversary and myself a bell heart to go on the fireplace. We will definitely be visiting here again, it has a magic-like quality that I 've not experienced anywhere else before.

We set off and headed to North Devon to meet up with friends. We were staying at Westland Farm camping, our friends had booked the Mongolian Yurt. We had a warm welcome from the owner Nicki and found a lovely spot for our tent. The facilities were great and we all slept very well on our first night in Devon, despite the torrential rain on the way here, we managed to sit out and have a fire and cooked a curry to warm us all up!

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