Sunday, 17 June 2012

Father's Day!

This year, or rather after last year we decided that Mother's Day/Father's Day were really not for us. Neither Hubby or I see anything special about having our children forced by commercial advertising to send us cards,  gifts etc on the same day as everyone else. The shop windows and tv adverts are full of so-called "gift ideas", and it just feels so very un-romantic and forced. We both know our children love us very much, we don't need gifts or anything else other than the random hugs, smiles, kisses and "I love you's" our children frequent us with. Today Hubby woke up to no cards or presents, in fact the children had no idea it was Father's Day at all. He wasn't remotely bothered and we both hope that this is how the children will always be, never feeling the need to buy us "stuff" because Hallmark think they should. I do however want to just take a minute to say that it does NOT, in any way, mean that my husband is not an AMAZING, TERRIFIC, LOVING and WONDERFUL Father! My children really couldn't wish for a better Daddy. He is intelligent, patient, loving, funny, generous, knowledgeable..... oh I could gush for an eternity and it would still not be enough! The children and I are SO lucky to have him and really everyday we are thankful for that, so we really need everyday to be Fathers Day for him!

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