Monday, 11 June 2012

Croyde Bay

We woke up to gorgeous sunshine beaming through the tent! It was lovely, outside the tent and this was our view-superb!

 After a lovely breakfast outside, all 10 of us, we headed out to Croyde Bay. It was really warm and was a bit of a pain lugging everything on to the beach but gosh it was lovely! The views on the drive were beautiful, not that I got too look too much as driver but still! What could be better than clear blue skies, a sandy beach and a cool, blue sea? We had a little walk into the village to get some local cheese and fresh, still=warm=from-the-oven bread, Bailey and Piper had a freshly made pasty, (they both love pastry!) and we sat and ate before going back to the beach with a new bucket and spade. Lots of digging and splashing in the sea!
 Hubby and Piper had a go at flying our new stunt kite but it broke within about 5 minutes! Such a shame as it was perfect kite flying weather!! May have to take it back and get a refund...
 A rare picture of Bailey!

Ruben meanwhile was busy burying what started as just my feet and ended up with me being turned into a mermaid! Little R and Cordelia then came over and also wanted to be mermaids! Very sweet.
 Our friend Wes had a go at surfing and also took Cordelia for a go on the board, she loves water, but it did make me a little nervous! 

Piper happily dug in the sand for ages and built herself a little boat, she let her little friend R have a go in it too.

  Laura and I had a walk to get a fresh coffee to get little E to sleep and by the time we got back to the beach everyone was ready to go back to camp and eat! As it was so sunny we decided to have a BBQ for tea and then sat around for another fire. It would be rude not too when the weather was so good! I had a good chat with the owner Nicki about home educating and she said how lovely the children were, she had been chatting to Ruben when we arrived and she said how confident and friendly he was. She said we were clearly doing a really good job. Its lovely to meet someone who is so positive about HE, so much of the time is spent defending our decision and sometimes it can really take its toll. I've realised just how hard it is being in a minority group, but its so refreshing to here someone being positive about HE even though its not something they would do. There were lots of animals around so Cordelia was in her element, the two horses were her favourite though and she loved the hens! Ruben loved the little dog=Tug, who was so friendly and loved coming to see us!

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