Friday, 8 June 2012

Clifton Suspension Bridge

Whilst driving around looking for the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery we managed to find the Clifton Suspension Bridge. I had wanted to drive to see the Severn Bridge but hubby said it was too far so I settled for this one. I'm a little frightened of heights tbh, and this was HIGH! But the view was breathtaking! 
It was a bit windy though (though that seems to have been the theme of our entire holiday!)

The bridge was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel and work began in 1832 but wasn't actually finished until 1864, 5 years after Brunel died. It spans the Avon Gorge and is Garde 1 listed. 11-12000 motor vehicles cross it everyday!!
The view from the other side. Its just astounding to think about the men who built this bridge, it must have been so scary being so high up, especially in high winds like when we were there.

A definite must-see whilst in Bristol!


  1. We drove under this when we went to Bristol Zoo at the beginning of the month, thought it might be a 'home ed possible see' - after seeing your pictures we now know it is a 'definite home ed must see'! x