Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Camping in Glastonbury!

Today we set off on the start of an eleven day holiday. Its been a LONG time since we have been away for this length of time and we've never camped for this long either! But armed with our new Outwell Florida 8 tent off we set to Glastonbury, sadly not the festival but a lovely campsite right out of the Cool Camping website! Bridge Farm is a dairy farm, with some very noisy cows! It was however a lovely, quiet-ish site and a bargain £8 a night! The toilets and shower were not amazing but what do you expect for £8? The view however was spectacular, I love these photographs I took of the Tor. We were walking back across the fields at around 9,30pm after brushing our teeth before bed and Cordelia said "Mummy look" the sun was just setting behind the Tor and it looked magical. I rushed to get my camera and think managed to do it some justice! The first day consisted mainly of getting up, packing all our stuff in the car, dropping Tallulah off at the boarding kennels (our Jack Russell so does NOT do camping!) and setting off, we stopped at the services for lunch and all in all it took us around four and a half hours to get to the campsite. After pitching the tent in pouring, torrential rain, we decided to have a drive into Glastonbury itself. What a beautiful, chilled, friendly village! The atmosphere is so (trying to think of a good word) tranquil, its really hard to explain. I just felt really at ease here, the children loved all the "magic" shops and as an avid people watcher I just loved people-watching! The rain had stopped and we finally had a bit of sunshine, the clouds over the Tor and the Abbey looked rather moody though!

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  1. Ah the west country is a great part of the world ;) Your picture of the Tor is fab!