Friday, 8 June 2012

Bristol Banksy..

Have to admit to not being that bothered about visiting Bristol as cities can be a little stressful with four children, not least when there are gale force winds and horizontal rain being thrown at you all day for the 2nd day in a row. But I was completely wrong. I LOVE Bristol. I particularly love this street, which we actually walked down by pure chance. Ruben and I got excited when we saw this building as we had watched the artist "Moose" on BBC1'S One Show click here for more information. Its basically called "reverse graffiti" and uses jet washing to remove the black carbon with stencils leaving these wonderful designs. Genius. Makes this rather drab building seem almost "alive".

Further down the street and we saw this building. The children all got excited as this street had featured on this year's Apprentice Show.
This wolf was HUGE!
I thought these were very cool!
We even found a bit of "yarn bombing" also something we had seen on the One Show recently!
Ruben has a particular fondness for anything dragon related and wanted his photo taken next to this one.
Both these paintings were in a small tunnel that would otherwise have seemed rather dingy!

This was our first taste of Bristol and we were hooked! If you remember last year when we found some street art in Sheffield Meeting Bears and Narwhales the children had an interest in "street art" and where better to appreciate it than in the city it all started?


  1. These photos are lovely! Thank you for sharing them and the introduction the artist Moose. beautiful!

  2. Your very welcome Jennifer! It was a really cool street!

  3. E would really love that - he likes outdoor art and street sculpture.

    Spent a fair amount of time in Bristol as a young teen - it is a pretty cool city

  4. Awesome art!
    ......What's this about not being bothered about Bristol? Tut tut, it's my home city and one of the best - even if the natives do talk funny ;)