Wednesday, 2 May 2012

What time is for learning exactly?....

The past few days have been busy ones, I have tried really hard to organise things around the house. Firstly with the girls room, it was so chaotic in there and they wanted this pretty room like in magazines! So after a trip to Ikea on Sunday we have made some serious headway, the bedroom is starting to look much less cluttered, which is great for Piper as she really HATES mess and clutter, surprisingly even Cordelia is happier without all the clutter, which is quite astonishing given its mostly her clutter everywhere! I still have a few things to do before we'll all be 100% happy with it but we're getting there. We have also turned the family room back into the dining room and I'm currently giving a make over to a pine dining table, I love pastel colours and so that is my theme. The dining table is bigger than our kitchen table which is much better now everyone is getting taller and needing more elbow room at the table! The table was of freecycle, my mother in law collected it but didn't need it after all and I've been using it in the attic for a sewing table. I have bought 7 dining chairs from Ebay for the princely sum of £4.20, I will be collecting them Saturday and then they too will need a little TLC. I might post up some photo's when I have finished.

The title of my post tonight is because since our little mini break last week our routine has changed, normally Ruben is in bed for 7.30 as he is such an early riser and gets very tired. He has been staying up later (till about 8.30) and I've really noticed a shift in his behaviour after tea time. He is SO chatty, and like a sponge to so many different topics and ideas. Last night for example we talked about terrorist bombers (not exactly bedtime material but a topic of modern life), aeroplanes, (the One Show was featuring the Boeing Dreamliner), and a ton of other topics. He is much more receptive in an evening as I noticed again today. We started reading Charlotte's Web last night and already he is loving Wilbur and asked if we too could have a piglet! Tonight we talked about invisible waves such as wi-fi, microwaves, mobile phones, this was after we watched The Big Bang Theory, he drew (after me asking all day for him to draw me a picture, I gave him an unused writing book which he loved) lots of pictures of animals that he made up with special powers. We talked about him owning a farm, our trip to Longleat soon, (which is very excited about), and missing daddy (he's away tonight). I think I always thought that because my children were early risers that it was mornings that were our most opportune moments for learning but it looks like I was wrong! Maybe the time of day is different for every children and maybe my children have just evolved into evening learners??

This much more organic process of learning through discussion and letting the children pursue what they want seems to fit much more into my new way of thinking towards HE. Yesterday I read a blog post about a family that have chosen to put their children back into school, I found it very interesting but it started to make me doubt my own decisions/abilities as a HE parent. I've moved very far away from how I started out home educating. Today just reinforced this when I spent an entire afternoon emptying several cupboards of worksheets, workbooks, practise SAT's, a ton of sheets I had printed off and never used and lots of worksheets the children used from 2008 onwards. I realised its just not the way I want to home educate any more. I know have 5 very large bags of paper to recycle tomorrow. Already I feel better about it and less w-o-b-b-l-y about my abilities.


  1. Haha oh the wonder of evening learners, the way they perk up with a hundred new questions just as your brain is starting to close down for the night... Good luck with that, we have one of those and it's 'interesting' ;D

    I think we can all have those wobbly moments but you're doing a great job and you've got four happy, enthusiastic children. I think there tend to be less wobbles and doubts when you find the style and rhythm that fits you all. I worried more when we tried structure and daily lesson plans, now we're free-flowing I just see happy kids who are learning all the time anyway.

  2. Hi! Great post!

    My daughter has become much more of an evening 'learner' now that she's going to bed later (she seems more interested in 'serious' topics post 7pm). It's great to hear someone else's perspective on it. I wonder if it's that after a day of activity their bodies have powered down enough to finally let their minds take charge?!